20 Years Girl Skateboards

Die Dudes von Orchard Skateshop haben 20 Jahre Girl Skateboards in 47 Minuten zusammen gefasst.


In celebration of the 20 Years of Girl art exhibit we hosted at the Extension Gallery at our Allston shop, we teamed up with Girl on a collaboration project that included a deck, tee shirt, and mixtape DVD of 20 of our favorite parts from the last 20 years of Girl Films.

For the last 20 years, Girl has put out some of the most iconic skate videos of all time. We grew up idolizing the skaters and parts from these videos, watching and rewatching these VHS tapes with rarely a FF button pushed.

The concept of a skate mixtape is nothing new, and recently the remix master Manolo put together an awesome mix to commemorate Girl’s milestone.

In the days before computer editing systems were commonplace, we used to make custom mix tapes of our favorite parts using 2 VCR’s and whatever spare VHS tape was around. To celebrate 20 years of inspiration we have put together a mix of our 20 favorite parts from Girl Films. When creating our mix we aimed to keep the process as close to the original analog methods we used growing up. Each part on this mix was recorded on a VCR one-by-one, and then the entire mix was transferred to a computer to be uploaded and made into a DVD.

With so many amazing parts to choose from, we created guidelines for our selections that included any Girl team rider part from any Girl or Chocolate film, as well as including Chocolate rider’s parts from a Girl video – ie Keenan in Mouse.

These video parts represent style, innovation, and timeless skateboarding.