| No.7 Stuttgart Issue


Da es in Stuttgart doch mehr Footage gab als sonst wird die Skatemontage in drei Teilen veröffentlicht. Von Angelo, Oli, Erik bis hin zu meiner Wenigkeit sind so ziemlich alle Stuttgarter Skater vertreten.

„Stuttgart seems to have an endless supply of good spots and even better skaters. Whether native or transplant, this city has seen a lot of skateboard talents come and go. The European headquarters for several major international skate brands are located in Stuttgart which means plenty of amateur and pro skaters hit the streets every day. Mix all that with the excellent urban landscape that makes this city so epic to explore and you have a perfect equation for great street skateboarding. Stuttgart gave us so much skate footage, we made three edits from it.“


Man Beachte die T-Shirts!

„Germany is famous for its selection of traditional food. Each region has its own specialties and classical dishes that are passed down from generation to generation. Käsespätzle is no different, while some may argue on the origin, it’s no secret that this is (also) a Swabian specialty. Check out as Sandro Trovato, Michael Tann, Lukas Weitbrecht and Kilian Zender teach you how to cook this delicious dish. Pour up a fresh Hefe-Weizen, sit back and enjoy this typical German meal.“


Wer D-Wag kennt, weiß wie unangenehm es für ihn war sich vor die Kamera zu stellen. Ist gut geworden!

„Daniel Wagner is one of Germany’s busiest and most published skate photographers. What started out as a nerdish desire to document the actions of his friends has evolved to consume Daniel’s whole life. With expert detail to composition and lighting, he is always ready for the next trick and will find the best angle to capture it. They call him “Wide Eyed Wagner” because of his ability to catch the subtle things that make for great photography. Enjoy this portrait of Daniel and open your eyes to what he sees.“